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Toll Free: 1-844-415-2111

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Life is stressful and you work hard. Worrying about how to secure a future for a special needs family member or pay for the cost-of-care for yourself or a senior in your life can be overwhelming. Don’t let these details drain you. Let us handle the plan to secure your family’s future so that you can focus on enjoying life with your loved ones.

At Warner Law Group, LLC we help families be families again.

Warner Law Group is a Cincinnati law firm offering comprehensive and personalized special needs planning and elder law services, including Medicaid and estate planning.

We are passionate about serving others and protecting families from devastating long-term care costs. Learn more about our proactive and crisis Medicaid planning services.

Our special needs planning services provide solutions that protect both assets and your loved one’s public assistance benefits. Learn more about how to secure a future for the special needs individual in your life.

Contact us today for experience, compassion and top-notch service.

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