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The ongoing partial government shutdown that started December 22, 2018, poses numerous threats to people with disabilities, but the most immediate impact is on those who rely on the federal government for help paying their rent. Advocates are warning of mass evictions and damage to local economies. First, to allay the concerns of many, we should point out that the shutdown has no immediate impact on federal health care programs (such as Medicaid, Medicare or
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For some people with disabilities, homeownership may present a uniquely empowering opportunity. But for many others, purchasing a home through a special needs trust may be in the beneficiary’s best interests. Homeownership comes with many pitfalls and responsibilities. Buying a home through a special needs trust, rather than directly by the beneficiary or a family member, provides additional protections against creditors and allows for increased flexibility when selling the property, since the assets are maintained with
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When personal injury lawsuits are settled, the underlying settlement figure may be less than initially meets the eye due to the deduction of attorneys’ fees, expenses and other costs. To ensure the resulting settlement best protects the plaintiff’s long-term financial interests, as well as their health and quality of life, numerous factors must be considered. Although far from an exhaustive list, here are five key questions that should be answered before settling a personal injury
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For many parents, the majority of their savings is held in some kind of a retirement account, often an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). At age 70 1/2, an IRA account holder faces the Required Beginning Date, when he or she must take mandatory distributions from the IRA. These payments are determined by the government and are known as Required Minimum Distributions. If the parents have a child with special needs, it is often important for
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Social Security payments are set to grow next year, although for some recipients the extra payments will be slightly offset by an increase in Medicare premiums and deductibles. Announced by the Social Security Administration (SSA) on October 11, 2018, and effective December 31, Social Security payments for 2019 will rise 2.8 percent, an increase from a 2 percent rise in 2018 and the largest gain since benefits rose 3.6 percent in 2012. This means that the more than
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