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Toll Free: 1-844-415-2111

Elder Law

Warner Law Firm’s Elder Law practice focuses on the needs of seniors and their families. As a law firm, we understand that paying for senior care may seem like a maze and can be completely overwhelming. We counsel our clients on their options to plan and pay for long-term care while protecting their assets.

Our experience counseling seniors and their families in the areas of long term care planning, Medicaid eligibility and Medicaid crisis planning allows us to quickly and compassionately help families prepare for the financial and personal challenges associated with aging and care needs.

We answer questions such as:

  • What strategies are available to protect my assets?
  • If my spouse or I get sick, can we afford nursing care?
  • What happens if I outlive my money?
  • What is Medicaid and am I eligible for assistance in paying for nursing care?
  • Can I leave an inheritance to my family members without losing the ability to control my own finances?

If you or a loved one have questions about developing an elder law or asset protection plan, or have questions about advanced directives, wills or trusts, Medicaid benefits, home care, senior housing or skilled nursing care, we can help. Contact us today to begin protecting your future.


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